What is the 6th/9th grade shuffle about?

This plan would shuffle children among HCPS schools so that 6th graders would attend elementary schools in a K-6 configuration, 9th graders would attend middle schools in a 7-9 configuration, and 10th-12th graders would attend HHS on Garber’s Church Road. With the 6th/9th Grade Shuffle, every school would be affected by staffing and enrollment changes. Also, additional redistricting may be needed to balance distribution of these new enrollment populations across the system.

It doesn’t solve the fundamental current overcrowding problem.

According to demographic projections, 3 years after building a new elementary school and shuffling grades among buildings throughout the system, HHS on Garber’s Church again will exceed capacity of 1,350.

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Didn’t we just spend a lot of money on Bluestone Elementary?
Aren’t you rushing into this? What’s with all the urgency?
How overcrowded is HHS, really? Can’t we just make classes a little bigger?


We are a local group of Harrisonburg residents who are concerned about overcrowding at our high school. We are citizens, homeowners, parents, grandparents, educators, aunts, uncles, and taxpayers. We are a community. We are the friendly city. We are close-knit neighborhoods. We believe it’s important for the people who live and work in our community to speak out about what they believe is best for our future.

Many of us have lived here for decades, even more have recently made the Valley our home. We choose to live in Harrisonburg because we want to be part of a local community with friendly people. We take great pride in our city, the quality of life, and we love Harrisonburg City Public Schools.

We appreciate our teachers and the daily connections they make with each and every child. We donate our time and money to the many activities and events that support our schools every day. We believe that growth is good for our friendly city. And we support the construction of a second high school in Harrisonburg.

Expanding the amenities and facilities in our city will increase accessibility to quality education and develop a valuable asset for this special community that we all call home. We are ForHHS2. We are for the Future of Rocktown.



We are locals. We are Harrisonburg. We are accessible. We are a community, and we welcome you to join us.

Email: forhhs2@gmail.com
Facebook: @forhhs2
Twitter: @ForHHS2

Steering Committee: Andi Arndt, Kelly Brady, Cathy Copeland, Beck Deloney, Obie Hill, Adrienne Hooker, Barbara Reisner, Monica Robinson