Candidate Frank McMillan responds to ForHHS2 survey

Describe your background in education, Harrisonburg City Public Schools, and public education.
I am a product of public schooling and graduated at Spotswood. My boys graduated from HHS. My Step daughter graduated to JMU, and my wife works at JMU.

Do you think Harrisonburg needs a second high school?
Yes, I am in support of a second Harrisonburg high school.

Give reasoning for your answer to Harrisonburg having a second high school.
Student Safety and to ensure students have what they need to succeed. We also want a better student to teacher ratio.

When would you like to see a second high school open in Harrisonburg?

The current City Council voted to fund a second high school to open in 2023. What are your suggestions to alleviate overcrowding at HHS through the opening of a second high school?
Add trailers for classrooms and teacher space and a 5th block to the day. They can look at a staggered schedule to help as well.

Even though Bluestone Elementary is more than 50% larger than our other city elementary schools, our middle schools are near capacity and will become overcrowded during the tenure of our newly elected city council members. How will you address our city’s educational growth while still supporting the other needs of our community?
The needs of our community should always be placed first and crowded schools is a safety problem that must be looked at.

How familiar are you with the work completed by the Space Study Committee created by the Harrisonburg City School Board?
Very familiar — I have an in-depth understanding of the process and conclusions reached by this committee.

Please summarize your knowledge of the Space Study Committee and their recommendations.
The space study committee was made up of local community leaders who concluded that a need for a second-high school existed, which I support.

Please summarize your knowledge of our group, ForHHS2.
A group of concerned parents, educators and community leaders who care for the wellbeing of Harrisonburg students and their education.

Is there anything you would like the public to know in particular to public education within the city?
I am a product of public schooling. My children have graduated from Harrisonburg public schools. Public education holds great importance to me because it is the foundation for a better society. We need to invest in our future and our children to build a strong and sustainable Harrisonburg.

You can learn more about Mr. McMillan at If you’d like to talk more with Mr. McMillan about education or other issues, you can reach him at

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  1. Shame Frank wasn’t more prepared for this assignment. Would have liked to have heard his proposals, on how to resolve the issues that will arise during his tenure. What is his plan for middle schools overcrowding? Why should the opening date stay at 2023? His website calls for tax cuts, more fiscal responsibility, and a move from “photo opportunity” schools to a focus on student success. What is his plan to get students to succeed in an over overcrowded environment? How do we continue to attract outsiders with high level skills and therefore higher earnings, if our school system becomes undesirable? How do we improve things with a reduced tax rate? Perhaps a follow up in the comments Frank?

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