How H.S. Overcrowding Affects Our Community

I own a real estate company in Harrisonburg. I am continually contacted by existing residents as well as clients relocating to Harrisonburg. Many have expressed concerned about the overcrowding at the high school. Several of my clients have sold their homes in the city and relocated to the county for that reason. As a former educator, parent and PTA president, I am well aware of the studies about keeping high school populations below 1400 students, as well as providing adequate art, sport and other exploratory spaces.

Our current school is bursting at the seams. Continuing to add trailers stresses the capacity of the common areas as well as exposing the students and teachers to the elements when changing classes. The trailers are called “temporary classrooms” but without an action by the city council the trailer solution becomes permanent. This is not acceptable! I would invite anyone who does not understand the stress the overcrowding is causing to come experience it for yourself. Please come at lunch and change of class time. Be sure to go to the front office for a pass.

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